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Wellness Services

Our functional health services includes the combination of advanced blood and body analysis to treat what ails you.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our comprehensive BHRT treatment includes advanced labs to customize your plan which allows us to maximize your most important issues. 

Advanced Lab Services

We go deep!  We don’t just look at the standard blood markers and believe the standard range is not the optimal range for great health!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Not only do we want you to lose weight, but we want you feeling your best knowing you have a lifetime plan for optimal health.  Let our experts guide you!


We only offer the best supplements from the leading manufacturers of medical grade supplements.  

We have a full product line of BioTe supplements in-house as well as offer discounts when buying our supplement suggestions through Fullscript.

Body Composition Analysis

Body Mass Index (BMI) is an antiquated way of measuring for health.  With our analysis, you will understand how much muscle, fat, water you are retaining in every part of your body.  Quick, actionable insights.

This service is complementary when enrolled in our Weight Loss membership programs. 

Platlet Rich Plasma/Fibrin (PRP/PRF)

B12 Injections

New Customer?
Up to 25% off

Depending on the service, new customers will receive up to a 25% discount.  Typical range is between 10-25% after purchasing your first service.