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Women's Health

Women have specific needs and we are here to help.  We understand because we are women and can help guide you to feel more balanced and improve how you feel.

Hormone Therapy

Our bioidentical hormone therapy includes advanced blood and body composition analysis to maximize effectiveness.  

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Not only do we want you to lose weight, but we want you feeling your best knowing you have a lifetime plan for optimal health.  Let our experts guide you!

Incontinence is annoying

Traditionally, you had to perform Kegals to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  The EMSELLA® chair performs the equivalent of 20,00 Kegels and is FDA-approved to help alleviate symptoms of incontinence.  In and out in 30 minutes!

Vaginal makeover?

New Customer?
Up to 25% off

Depending on the service, new customers will receive up to a 25% discount.  Typical range is between 10-25% after purchasing your first service.

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